Frequently Asked Questions

About our towels:

What colour is the reverse side of the towels?

All of our towels have a black and white triangle pattern as their backing, this hides any obvious stains and gives your towel two looks 

What are the towels made out of?

Our towels are made from 20 recycled plastic bottles and are a waffle weft microfibre 

Are there any special washing instructions?

We recommend washing before use to increase their absorbency, from an eco-conscious perspective we recommend a cold wash cycle and line drying. 

Are the towels heavy?

When packaged in their contrasting drawstring bag, our standard sized towels weigh in at a little over 200grams

About our one piece custom bedding:

Are the prints limited edition?

All of our prints are limited edition to keep things fresh and interesting. Rarely do we restock colours or prints, because we just have so many amazing designs that we want to be able to make into our bedding sets for future collections

Is the mink lining hot?

We incorporated the mink lining to add plushness, comfort and warmth without having to have a bulky doona, the mink lining does keep you warm but not uncomfortably so and it keeps the bulkiness of the doona down.

What are the doonas lined with?

We have selected an allergen friendly/vegan 200g polyester fill which is stitch in so that there is no lumps when washed and they retain their shape perfectly.

Is it machine washable?

Absolutely, In our home top loader machine that does not have an agitator, we kept the bedding zipped up and washed it and it fitted perfectly. If washing / drying while travelling we recommend unzipping the top and bottom piece from one another and washing seperately and hanging to dry seperately to speed the process up. I did pop them in my dryer aswell on medium warmth without a problem but we would always recommend line drying over a tumble dryer for longevity of your bedding investment.

What size beds do they fit?

The dimensions for our man bed are195cm long, 155cm wide and 30cm deep.

The dimensions for the bunk are 185cm long, 100cm wide and 20cm deep.

The main bed size fits both rounded and square mattress corners, we have allowed extra depth for mattress toppers and underlays for both bedding sizes.

These should fit “normal” beds at home aswell, but as always double check your measurements, to be sure, but we have found that so far whatever we have put the bedding on works size wise, which is great!

Where are your products made?

Our prints, patterns and designs are made right here in Australia, we support local designers by purchasing their patterns to use on our products. Often these designers are fellow small business owners so we support as many as we can.

Some of our products are 100% Aussie designed and made, our Manchester and some of our other pieces of our range are ethically manufactured in China.

We have aligned ourselves with certified factories that pay their staff correctly and have been awarded for their working conditions. Some of the factories we work with produce products for some very, very big brands here in Australia and overseas and by working with them we are able to keep the price point reasonable to our customers. 

Ensuring our products are high quality and well made is essential so we only work with the best manufacturers. 

How often are collections released?

We usually bring out a new collection/restock every 3 months, due to the hand made and small batch unique designs, the designs are then made into material fabric before being sewn. Which we think is pretty cool!

Our bedding is made sustainably and ethically which means a longer time frame for production, however you can be assured you’re going to get a quality product that has been consciously created.

Our next release of solid colours are due to restock at the end of May, Followed by our printed design collection in July, where we are also restocking reef, poppy, Camille, Euka and Tallulah in bunk size, along with new designs and more king and king single sizes

Will there be more boyish/unisex designs?

Absolutely, with every collection we add more and more prints and solid colours, we have these designs in our next collection arriving mid-late November but with the fast sell out of the pre release, we have a second pre release happening on Sunday 5th November at 8pm (NSW time)

Will your bunk size fit my mattress?

All of our bunk sets are made at 100cm wide, this is to give the option of zipping little ones in like sleeping bags and also to cater for single bed caravans.

Most bunks are made to be 70cm - 80cm wide, we asked customers who had previously purchased our 100cm wide sets if they wanted them any narrower and 100% said no way, that the extra width gave maximum versatility of use.

To make a snug fit, we recommend tucking the offside of the bedding more to keep the zipper flush on the access side

Do you take custom orders?

No, we don't, all of our products are manufactured to the most universal size possible, we do not offer a custom sized service

Will you be doing King size bedding?

We sure do, we have been adding more designs with each collection release, and we have more designs coming in July, Euka and Camille are also in production to be made into king size

Does the insert come out of the cover?

The polyfill is stitched into the duvet to ensure even distribution of the filling, therefore there is no cover to remove. The polyfill is lightweight and allergen friendly, while being extremely quick drying

Is there a top sheet option for the bedding set?

No, the top comforter acts as the top sheet, we have trialled this option however there were too many zippers and it was not a well functioning concept. If you only want a top sheet, we do have the Poppy structured sheet set which has all the functionality of our one piece concept, without the filling

How do I wash the bedding?

The bedding must be full unzipped to have two seperate pieces. They can be washed in the same machine, just not zipped together.

We recommend a cold wash and in a machine that does not have the pillar/agitator and using detergent free of optical brighteners

To dry, hang or lay flat over an airer, or tumble dry on low heat.

You may need to give the duvet a quick shake once dry to ensure the filling resettles to where it should be

Do you do discounts for purchasing a few sets?

As a small family business who understand the cost of decking out your van, we keep our prices as affordable and accessible as possible. Therefore we do not offer discounts or sales as our prices are already the best we can offer.

Alos, when shipping bedding sets, with shipping being free over $250, the cost can be extremely high (up to $96 per set) which is a big cost for us to absorb, without having a discount ontop of it.

We really appreciate your understanding and support

When is your next collection available?

We expect to have it available at the end of May

Can we email colour requests?

While we appreciate your excitement for products you would like to see, it can be a little overwhelming. We are always working on something while staying true to our brand and style and are always doing our best to release designs we love.

Are you doing a winter doona?

Absolutely! Our 600gsm doonas are in our next collection release at the end of May, these doonas have the ability to be zipped onto the existing fitted sheet, so the lightweight doona can be zipped off and the winter weight zipped on.

The winder weights come in main and bunk sizes, are mink lined and in the colours deep clay and soft sage and are sold as individual pieces so that if you already have one of our sets, you dont have to purchase a new set all over again.