We are a young family of 4 from Mudgee, NSW.

We have enjoyed camping since our teen years but most recently caravanning for the last 7 years. 

Amelia is a beauty therapist and owns Indra Beauty in Mudgee and Mitch works as an O.C.E at one of the local mines. Our kids are Beau (9) and Ella (6).

We get two weekends a month as a family and almost always go away in the van for those weekends, we love the quality time with the kids, exploring and enjoying the great times that come with discovering new places in our beautiful country. 

  • When we are away, Amelia enjoys reading, experimenting with camp cooking recipes, crochet projects and drinking coffee all day. Mitch and Beau enjoy prospecting, gold panning and fishing, Mitch also cooks a great roast in the camp oven and always has a tool bag on hand to fix anything that arises, usually for other people, he is just the random guy who seems to have everything on hand - A handy guy to know!  Ella enjoys toasting marshmallows, multiple outfit changes and going on adventure walks, both of our kids enjoy swimming and bike riding at any opportunity and love a snuggle and a family movie to finish off the day. 

  • We frequently take blocks of time to be able to travel further and finally get near the beach which is atleast 4 hours from where we are, so it is always a special treat to be able to visit. 

    While we were on our 6 week trip at the beginning of 2022, we found ourselves frustrated over the caravan bedding always slipping down and saying to each other "I wish someone had created something for this by now", it feels like we have said that quite a bit over the years with different products and we decided it was about time we had stopped wishing someone would make all these ideas happen, so we actually explored the possibility of being able to create them ourselves.

    So that is exactly what we did and so The Wanderlust Ones was created.

Designing high quality, gorgeous and functional products is our main focus and we are all about making your next adventure full of beautiful boho vibes.

Our range is ethically manufactured and we strive to be as eco-conscious as we can. Some of the products in our range are even made from recycled materials, which we think is pretty neat.

Well now you know a little more about the people behind the brand, that we are  just your regular Aussie family who love everything to do with caravan life.

Starting this business is a really interesting creative outlet, designing and having our ideas manufactured and we look forward to continually expanding our offerings in the future. 

We love getting tags of our products on your adventures and we literally do a happy dance every time we get an order, we hope you love what we are creating and we are so stoked our products get to go on an adventure with you.

As always, Stay Wanderlust x

Mitch, Amelia, Beau & Ella